Santino has a way of teaching without teaching, if that makes sense.  He’s not the type to sit down and say “This is what we’re gonna do”.  He takes a completely different approach, instead switching on the decks and letting (the learner) find out what they know, then builds upon what they do whilst incorporating new things.  100% professional.

Dion Scott (DJ Sus)

I have employed Santino to facilitate DJ workshops for Hull City Council Music 4U over the last 10 years.  This project engages young people in music who may not be able to access music provision because of the circumstances that they find themselves in.  He can capture young people’s initial interest in the music form and has experience in supporting them to achieve Arts Award and performance.  He builds up a positive relationship with young people and his music knowledge and workshop skills enable young people to have the confidence and ability to progress.

Ruth Drake (Arts Development Officer, KuHCC)

I have known Santino for almost nine years both as a friend and as a mentor.  With his guidance and encouragement I was able to develop my interest in DJ’ing and ultimately get to play at some of the most well known dance events around the UK.  It would be fair to say that without his help and guidance I would not be where I am today.

Callan Sinclair (DJ Faze)

The DJ Methodz workshops were excellent, with young people engaging across 2 groups from ages 8 to 24, with all absolutely loving it. Santino has a natural style which made even the complete beginners feel at ease, whilst challenging those with more ability to push themselves. Top class teaching/mentoring, top class equipment, and all together a top class few weeks of workshops. We are constantly getting asked by the young people “when is he coming back?”  Thanks Santino, we will be booking again very soon!

Scott Henderson (Goodwin Development Trust)

After DJ’ing alongside Santino for several years I had the opportunity to work with him in other settings including schools and youth centres.  Santino passes on a wealth of knowledge and tailors the tuition to the individual.  I have seen his teaching style improve the confidence of many young people and some have gone on to perform successfully in venues such as the Hull Truck Theatre or at events like the Freedom Festival.

Mark Grantham (DJ Connect)

Santino takes time to initiate and establish positive relationships which lends to building young peoples’ confidence, inclusion and self-esteem.  The DJ equipment is excellent, enabling skills to be developed, talents to be discovered and opportunities to be presented.

Clair Sowerby (Care Co-ordinator, De-Psypher)

Impressed with the patience Santino has with young people.  Certainly engages well with all ages to make sure they get the most out of the session.

Lynne Scott (Manager, Astra Youth Centre)

The project was brilliant!  I would definitely recommend it to others.  I loved being able to share my interest in DJ’ing with other people.

Joseph Skinner (Young person, De-Psypher)

The workshop was very well organised, calm, kept all young people engaged.  Santino encouraged and supported which enabled the young people to try and achieve.  It was a boost for their confidence and self-esteem.  I would 100% recommend.

Daniella Key (Fostering Support Worker, Five Rivers)

An extremely positive experience, helping to improve confidence and provided an opportunity to network with professional DJs and practice at events.

Amelia Huntington (Care Co-ordinator, De-Psypher)

Was a lot of fun to get involved and learn a new skill to do with music.  Would definitely consider doing something like this again in the future.

Tom Baron (Volunteer, De-Psypher)

Young members who took part clearly enjoyed themselves.  Santino gave them a good understanding of how the decks worked, they listened attentively and enjoyed the process.  Most of all they enjoyed making music.

Paul Hawksworth (Youth Worker, Buzzabaloo)

Santino visited my home to teach my 10-year-old son who lacks a little self-confidence.  Within minutes he was mixing songs and getting to grips with beats, timing and the different effects at his fingertips.  Methodz is a submersive and interactive experience my son really enjoyed.  I would highly recommend Santino’s services.

Phil Morris (Parent)

The (Silver Arts Award) music sessions were excellent.  The tutor was very supportive and helped the young person to develop DJ skills, build confidence and develop his own style.

Robin Hope (Youth Worker, Kingston Youth Centre)

I knew a bit before like putting CDs in and a bit of mixing but I learned more about the technology side of DJ’ing like using USBs.  I enjoyed using the cue pads the most, I’d never done that before.  It made me hyper, it made me happy!

Chris Briers (Young person, Big Buzz)

Santino is adept at demystifying the mixing process and is able to engage with young people of varying ages, abilities and attention spans.  He is also aware of the need to take different approaches to young people and communicate in different ways.  This enables him to develop positive relationships and build trust which in turn helps young people to unlock their creative talent.

Phil Morris (Local Offer)

Santino is a great teacher.  He makes things easier for me to learn by visualising.  My music skills have improved quite a lot, particularly my timing and my understanding of music technology.

Charlie Hartley (Young person, Buzzabaloo)

The (Discover Arts Award) music sessions are good because they engage young people that wouldn’t necessarily be interested.  One young person fed back her dad was a DJ so now they had something in common.

Raveen Ghuman (Youth Worker, Astra Youth Centre)

The DJ lesson was better than Fortnite!  I want to get to a point where I can play in front of loads of people that I can see for miles.  I know Santino will help me with my dream.  

Caleb Dunlin (DJ Dunny, 6)

Happy you seen something in me.  If it wasn’t for you teaching me how to DJ, I wouldn’t have a coping mechanism for my psychosis.  Like as soon as I discovered I enjoy it and I’m relatively good at it, my confidence started raising and I started growing up.  Honestly, best thing I ever did is come to one of your sessions.

Aiden Eade (Young Person, De-Psypher)