About DJ Methodz

DJ Methodz exists to provide expert DJ tuition for people in Hull and the surrounding areas.  Our challenge: to offer the opportunity to anyone to learn to DJ; to reach those who don’t normally get the chance; to build confidence and self-esteem; to broaden horizons; and to find the DJs of the future.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never DJ’d before.  We supply accessible, entry-level equipment for absolute beginners, intermediate for those who are ready to take the next step, and club-standard for those who are aspiring to be professional or simply want to experience the best.

DJ Decks are now considered to be a musical instrument, just like the piano, the drums or the guitar.  Therefore, accomplished DJs can be thought of as skilled musicians.  We will introduce you to the very best gear – Pioneer, Technics, Denon, Allen & Heath – and use a range of musical genres including House, Techno and Drum & Bass to hone your DJ mixing skills.

We typically deliver workshops in youth work settings or schools, so you can learn to DJ as part of an Arts Award, a Duke of Edinburgh Award or potentially a Music GCSE.  All of our workshops are COVID compliant, and equipment fully PAT tested and insured.